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In observance of Memorial Day, all Jai Medical Center locations are closed Monday, May 27, 2024.  All locations will re-open on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 9am.

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Special Announcements

Patient and Visitor Code of Conduct

In an effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for staff, patients, and visitors, Jai Medical Center requires that all patients and visitors follow our Code of Conduct at all times. Please note that any code of conduct violation may result in an immediate request to leave the premises and dismissal from our medical practice.

As a patient or visitor of Jai Medical Center, you shall:

1) Refrain from unacceptable behaviors that are disruptive or pose a threat to the rights or safety of other patients and staff.

2) Speak and act in a respectful and safe manner at all times. Jai Medical Center has a zerotolerance policy for aggression directed toward our staff, patients, or others associated with the practice.

As a patient or visitor of Jai Medical Center, please be advised that the following are prohibited:

1) Firearms or Weapons of Any Kind. Guns, knives, brass knuckles, stun guns, pepper spray, etc. are not permitted on our property.

2) Use of Profanity, Derogatory Remarks, and/or Gestures. Making racial or cultural slurs or other derogatory remarks (about a person’s national origin, religion, sex, language, sexual orientation, or gender identity), or the use of profanity are prohibited.

3) Threatening Behavior or Physical Assault. Threatening to hurt anyone associated with the practice through phone calls, letters, voicemails, emails, or other forms of verbal, written, or electronic communication, including social media, or the physical assault of our staff, patients or others associated with the practice is not allowed.

4) Video or Camera Use. This is a private clinic delivering medical care: please do not take any photos or videos of our staff, patients, or visitors.

5) Cell Phone Use. When interacting with any of our staff or when in clinical areas, please put away your cell phone or other electronic devices unless agreed upon by you and the provider to necessitate care.

6) Property Damage. Intentionally damaging or misusing equipment or property (e.g., climbing on furniture, throwing objects) is not permitted.

7) Illegal Activity. Buying, selling, or dealing any prescriptions or illegal drugs on our property, or using of drugs and alcohol is prohibited.

8) Smoking. Smoking is not allowed in our building or within 100 feet of our building entrance as we are a smoke-free facility.

9) Unwanted Sexual Advances and Inappropriate Requests. Making unwanted sexual advances to our staff or other patients or making requests that would be illegal or unethical for Jai Medical Center staff or providers to fulfill such as writing a fraudulent excuse from work or school note is not allowed.

Please note that any code of conduct violation may result in an immediate request to leave the premises and dismissal from our medical practice.

Referral Policy

Please be aware that referrals will not be issued for patients that we have not seen. Consultation with the PCP is a must before the referral is written.

Please also note that referral forms are not authorizations for procedures or certain services. Specialists must reach out to the appropriate insurer for authorization of such requests.

Vaccination Policy

In light of recent events, we believe it is important to ensure that all patients and the public are aware of our Vaccination Policy.

All children and adults should receive all recommended vaccines according to the schedules published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Maryland Healthy Kids Program. For the safety of our patients, staff, and families, Jai Medical Center requires that all children and adults be vaccinated according to the mandatory recommended vaccination schedules.

While we are happy to answer questions and discuss the safety and efficacy of vaccines, if a parent or guardian chooses not to follow the accepted schedule or to delay beginning routine vaccinations for their child, we will no longer be able to service that child for primary care and will request that the family seek care from another provider.

Vaccinating children and adults may be the single most important preventative healthcare service that we perform as your medical provider and that you can perform as parents/caregivers. Please ensure that you and your child are vaccinated appropriately as recommended.

For more information about the CDC recommended vaccination schedules, please visit the following website: www.cdc.gov

If you have any questions regarding our Vaccination Policy, please feel free to speak with your Primary Care Provider or a member of our Management team.

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